Charvát metalworking company
We offer performing of following works:
  • Pressing of exact metal products.
  • Resistance welding of sheet metal or wire welding presses the Italian firm TECNA
  • Metal cutting, including works on CNC machines, turning (to diameter 500mm).
  • Turning on automatic lathes (to diameter 40mm)
  • Grinding
  • Dry cleaning, surface coating.
  • Hot dipping, electro plating.
  • Laser-burning.
  • Small assembly works.
  • Obviously we prepare needed tools according with detail drawing or sample.

Examples of our products:

Metal die-casting

Metal die-casting Metal die-casting
Wall clamp for chemical guyingWall clamp for chemical guying
Wall clamp for mounting of plastics windowsWall clamp for mounting of plastics windows
Elements for assembly of wooden structuresElements for assembly of wooden structures